Buggy irs kit

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Buggy irs kit

Get the plan, build it yourself and start driving in the dunes, forest or muddy tracks! Is it that easy? Yes, we have done the engineering so you can go straight to building. Because we like motorsport as much as you do! So get as close as you can to a WRC car experience for a fraction of the budget. Better start cleaning up your garage! The FX is a high performance off road vehicle. The beast is easy to tame and is a blast to drive at high speed on or off the road.

How do we manage to do that? Our buggy has been designed with performance in mind and features a stiff tubular frame, double independent suspension and a short ratio steering rack for precise steering.

Designed for good stability and handling. The front suspension geometry has been engineered with a focus on stability and handling. Designed for Wilwood brake calipers.

buggy irs kit

The buggy is suitable for most turbo and non turbo motorcycle engines and gearboxes up to bhp. Strong construction with seamless tubing. Adjustable engine bay space with silent block bushings for engine mounting. Steering system and pinion including protection boots and stable hinges for steering column.

Designed for a mm steering wheel. Includes bracket, gearlever handle and push-pull cable and low friction hinge inside gear lever. Variation of travel settings for clutch and throttle.

Includes Wilwood T-1 master cylinder. Easy fit between chassis tubes. Production drawings for the custom made parts are included with the plans so you can build this beast all by yourself! With these detailed plans you can start straight away.

Produce your own parts Extensive descriptions to build the parts yourself The plans have detailed drawings to machine your own parts. They come with 2D cutting files to outsource all the sheet metal CNC laser cutting. They also have additional machining stocks for important holes so you can drill the parts afterwards making them burr free. We added the detailed welding instructions and sequences in the drawings to make sure you can assemble these laser cut plates into a strong structure.

The high precision parts such as bearing housings, stub axles and A-arm bearings come with detailed CNC machining production drawings incl. Buy the parts you need All parts can be ordered separately To make the building easier we offer all the individual parts separately or in combined kits. All bearings and fasteners such as bolts, nuts, washers and clips are chosen from European or USA standard.

In the plans you can find all the parts numbers which you will need in our webshop. The benefit of this? Additional parts Custom made where necessary, standard where possible All used materials and aftermarket parts are standard off the shelf products which you can find at your local warehouse or dealer.

The manufacturer and the correct part number will be shown in the plans. This makes the build cost efficient, and the aftermarket parts can be purchased in your own country or region so transport costs will be minimized.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

Showing 21 Items. Below is a brief breakdown of the different types of Volkswagen Beetle suspension:. This beam consists of a pair of axle tubes, each housing torsion bars to which the trailing arms are attached. This beam also consists of a pair of axle tubes, housing torsion bars to which the trailing arms are attached. There is no main beam.

buggy irs kit

If your spare wheel is mounted flat horizontally under your bonnet then you have a MacPherson strut model. Not useable on Beach Buggies, this suspension is occasionally found on Baja Bugs. The swing axle assembly consists of a pair of rigid axles that pivot from the gearbox. These were used from the very earliest cars right up until the end of Mexican production in If your axles only have rubber boots on the ends of the axles that join the gearbox and not at the hub endsthen you have a swing axle model.

IRS is a more advanced type of Volkswagen Beetle suspension that features CV constant velocity joints both next to the gearbox and also at the hub end of the axles. If your axles have rubber boots on both ends of axles next to the gearbox and at the hubsthen you have an IRS model. Of course VW Heritage stock an extensive range of parts for both types of VW Beetle rear suspension, including axle and CV boots, hub seal kits and bump stops.

Plus a great selection of performance and styling parts, including adjustable springplates and uprated shocks. We want to let you know that we are placing cookies on your device that remembers your choices on heritagepartscentre.

We also place cookies that perform statistics on our website and cookies that help us run the website. For more info please view our Cookie Policy page. Log in or sign up Email Address.Cannot be sold in California.

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Ages 8-Adult. One of the Best Go Karts on the Market. Mid-sized for adults up to 6' tall and kids over age 8.

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Mid-sized Go Kart for adults up to 6' tall and kids over age 8. A Reliable engine with automatic transmission and slightly smaller size makes Explorer a great choice for the whole family.

Powered by a smooth cc single cylinder, air-cooled engine that produces up to Thank you for your patience. Sign In Register.

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Roketa Dune Buggy off-road Go Karts. Buggies and Gokarts by American Sportworks. New Plus Model for ages5. Money Back Guarantee. Bigger Model, 5. Ages 8-Adults up to 6'2". Mid Sized, 6. Explorer cc Dune Buggy is a super high quality machine sure to please.

Performance Parts available. Kandi Viper is a cool body kart with full suspension, heavy gauge steel frame and beautiful color choices. Sandrail Style Stay Updated. Join our mailing list and be the first to receive all the latest updates, sales news and offers from GoKarts USA. Enter email Your privacy is respected. Our Company.

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Customer Service. My Account. Spinner 8 in. Tri-Star 10 in. Drum Brakes 5 in. Drum Brakes 6 in. Displaying products 1 - 16 of 49 results. Show: 16 40 80 Carolina Dune Buggies is a full-service dune buggy, sandrail, kit car and VW business. We can provide everything needed to build a complete car. In addition we can perform custom turnkey project builds to your specifications. If you are interested in building your own custom dune buggy, sandrail or kit car and have a good set of tools, work space, mechanical knowledge and a few weekends, we can help.

We can supply chassis, suspension components, transmissions, engines, and all the little odds and ends to make your project stand out. These consist of a tacked floor section, with all other assembly to be done by the customer.

This is a true build it yourself kit with a little head start done for you. This kit is a little more challenging to put together, and you should have an assistant to help with assembly, but it ships flatter for better cost savings. The entire floor of the chassis is tack welded together and the upper roll cage comes assembled.

One person alone can easily complete assembly. We also offer fully welded chassis. These require the least amount of assembly, but some welding is still required ie. Fully welded chassis are the most costly to ship and it is recommended you pick up your fully welded chassis at Carolina Dune Buggies.

buggy irs kit

If you are not mechanically inclined, we can walk you through the step by step process of selecting components for your turn-key build; once selected, we will do the work for you. Our mechanics have been working on dune buggies and Volkswagens since and we use only the finest parts from well-known suppliers.

Please call for details and quotes. An example of the 4-seater style dune buggy body is our Berrien Genesis fiberglass dune buggy body. This style provides room for two adults in the front and a small bench type rear seat adequate for smaller children or your luggage.

An example of the 2-seater style dune buggy body is our Berrien Nostalgia or Lancer fiberglass dune buggy body. This style dune buggy body fits a shorten VW Beetle chassis. The Berrien pre-built tube chassis from Carolina Dune Buggies is exceptionally strong and includes a thick gel-coated fiberglass floor pan which does not need painting and is not susceptible to rust out as is the original VW pan.

It also allows tunnel access from underneath which you do not get with a stock chassis. It features body mounting holes that are pre-drilled, sealed and recessed so that the bolts do not protrude below the chassis.

The clutch cable tube, master cylinder mount, pedal mount and seat track mounting brackets are all factory installed, as well as the four front clamps that are welded to the chassis. In addition, the fiberglass floor is pre-drilled and bolted in place. DIY Chassis: If you have enough time, tools, a workshop large enough, a welder and mechanical experience, you can build your own chassis from a VW Beetle pan. This includes shortening all center tunnel tubes, cables, fuel lines and the shifter rod.

There are several different ways to shorten the VW chassis with some being much stronger as well as more difficult than others.

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In most states, dune buggies, sandrails and kit cars can be made street legal. Deciding which use you intend for your buggy will guide your decision making process along the way.

It is very important to make this decision up front since certain suspension and drivetrain components will work better for some uses than others. However, these newer style suspension designs are more prone to failure under very heavy off-road use. The drawback, however, is these older designed suspensions lack somewhat in ride smoothness and on-road performance; they can be more subject to over-steer and rear wheel hop.

Our tube dune buggy and sandrail chassis are designed to use the suspension components from Volkswagen Type 1 Beetles up to excluding Super Beetle—rear torsion housing from a Super Beetle can be used, but the MacPherson strut front suspension is incompatible with our chassis. Front torsion-leaf spring suspensions from pre VW Beetles were of a link-and-kingpin trailing arm style.Welcome to Appletree Automotive, your one-stop online shop for all the dune buggy parts you will need.

You will find that our wide selection of premium products caters to all the essential components of your vehicle from brake systems and oil systems, to carburetors and cylinder heads. Click on the navigation panel on the left and go to specific sections of our online catalog or do a search. We're sure you will find the sandrail parts that you are looking for.

We also carry Volkswagen parts for owners who have brand specific preferences. These specialized VW parts are all in good condition and will surely help in achieving and maintaining optimal performance of your VW vehicles. Ordering dune buggy parts is made simple as we provide you with a virtual cart where you can double check your orders before making any transaction.

Just click on the "Buy Now" button and your selection will automatically be saved, ready for comparison and purchase. We have teamed up with UPS to make sure that your orders are safe and secure during shipping. Sign in Register. Cart is empty 0. Click Here To Call: This site requires JavaScript to function properly. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.We are unable to build any chassis at this time.

If you would like to check with us on an ETA on when we expect for our work schedule to clear out please email us vws epix. Click here to view Pictures below. Are you are building a brand new Show Buggy? Or restoring a 60's, 70's original buggy? Or building a VW pan based Kit Car?

We have the perfect chassis for your project!! Other wheel bases or floor pan dimensions available for custom order. Please call for pricing. Shop Our Categories.

Rear Vw Trailing Arms

View Cart. Search site Submit search. Click here to view Pictures below Are you are building a brand new Show Buggy? Why go through all the hassle of :. No need to destroy a piece of history that can be restored by someone else. Unrepairable Rust or Twisted Chassis. Allows for ridged mounting of shifter, emergency brake, and cable conduits for trouble free service.

Front firewall has stock style brackets for brake flex hoses. Front firewall also has the grommet holes for Brake Fluid Reservoir Hoses. Heavy Duty Pedal Box relocated for more foot room and easy clutch cable replacement. This change in design has allowed for the pedals to remain installed for easy cable changes. Transmission Shift Cover for Center Tube allowing easy adjustment access.

Custom Fabricated Shift Rod which is fully adjustable to get the perfect shift.

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Holes drilled for Steel Brake line to run through center tunnel. This chassis uses a clean slate design incorporating over 30 years of VW experience to take the best of the VW designs and join them with sensible improvements needed to bring the VW into the 21st century.I have included some new parts with this Dune buggy so read carefully, don't assume anything, If you have a question please message me so we can make sure you are clear on purchasing this Dune buggy as seen here.

This is not a turn key and drive, you must build this Dune buggy which alot of people will love the opportunity to build one as a family or friends project. It's better to have hands on family time, then see your family play videos all the day and night!

IRS Chain Drive Spool for CV Axle Motorcyle or Quad Engine Powered Mini Buggy

So now on with the auction. Comes with an Empi Hood and an uncut Dash that has been also painted as seen in the pictures. Also has been professionally shortened. Plus the following parts: All nice rims and Tires to make this Buggy roll. The Body has not been bolted to the chassis as of yet as You will need a gasket sold here on ebay before bolting the body to the chassis to keep out debris of the roads.

Also included: Matching Color Dash that's never been cut! I will include also A Clutch housing, clutch plate, Generator with fan, The generator stand that bolts to the engine. The shifting shaft that connects to the transmission. Transmission Bracket. This would be a great Dune buggy for the entire family to enjoy as the registration is the title, to be license for the road.

Will need some parts to finish but it is way less money than buying a UTV that you can't drive on the road! All the parts others then specified are used, the VW Dune buggy is sold as is Where is, no warranty. Shipping: The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.

This can't be driven right at this moment as there is no drivetrain installed. As you see the pictures is the stat it is in now. You must bring a trailer to pick up the Dune buggy as the parts are in boxes. No checks, money orders or no Wire Transfers. CASH for the balance.


The deposit is not refundable if you change your mind of any reason. Other Volkswagen classic cars for sale. Dune Buggy Myers Manx Clone. This started as a Vw standard Bug with shock towers, The standard chassis to build this Dune Buggy in this auction.


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